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Happy Arbirtrary (Belated) 9th Birthday, Gamecube

Thursday marked the 9th birthday of what is arguably Nintendo’s least successful console*, the Gamecube. Not exactly the most noteworthy milestone, but it’s still amazing to me how quickly that purple lunchbox has been forgotten, even with the four Cube ports built into every Wii. After rediscovering my Gamecube library earlier this year, I’ve found […]

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Character Of The Week – Bonk

Our character this week is brought to us by the way of publisher Hudson Entertainment he has made it big using his head. Our character starts his adventures on none other then the TurboGrafix-16. Later in his life he would journey on to the NES, Game Boy, Amiga, arcade systems under different titles (FC Genjin, GB Genjin […]

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