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A Simple Question: Final Results And Farewell

The final votes have been tallied, and you all have spoken.  After 3 grueling rounds that saw impressive titles fall by the wayside, we have a champion to crown in the 2012 Fall Game Release Showdown.  Anyone that was following the voting might have seen this coming, because it wasn’t close at any point, but […]

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A Simple Question: Fall 2012 Game Release Showdown – Finals

8 games have entered.  2 remain.  After 2 round of matchups, we have our final pairing for you to vote on for the game you’re looking forward to most this fall.  For those just joining, here is how things played out thus far, going into the Semi-Finals: After a week of voting, your choice for […]

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Kingdom Hearts 3 To Be Announced Soon?

The 7th title in the Kingdom Hearts series  – Kingdom Hearts 3D or giving it the full title Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance(3D’s gettit?) has just hit store shelves in Japan.  Alongside the game release as with many games was an official guide-book.  In it Kingdom Hearts co-creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed some interesting information. (we have) started making […]

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