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The Last Of Us Review

I’ve been punched twice in my life and both were directly in the gut. If you’ve never been in a fight, you should know that they are intense. Your hands are shaking from a briny cocktail of adrenaline and nerves and your vision narrows as it blurs out everything but the guy in front of […]

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Epic Fail

A couple times a month I hear the faint screams of my favorite gaming magazines being folded and mutilated so as not to escape my tattered and beaten rural mail box.  I gently retrieve it and remove the outer wrap, shake loose the misc subscription cards, and turn to my favorite section; Game Reviews.  You might think […]

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Digital Cowboys: Episode 123

We’re joined this week by Sinan Kubba and Joe DeLia of Big Red Potion a particularly distinguished and intelligent gaming podcast associated with The Game Reviews and The Unified Gamers Network. We discuss with them genres that we have extreme difficulty getting into and which games might help us get into them, why AAA titles […]

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A Not-so-revolutionary Addition to the Site

We’ve been wanting to add game reviews to the site for some time now, but we weren’t sure quite how to tackle that task. Our reticence stemmed from the two things that we really hate about reviews:

Reading them.
Writing them.

With regard to the first problem, there’s very little that appeals to me less than going to […]

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