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Cyanide Studios Release New Assets And Video For Game Of Thrones RPG

The A Song Of Ice And Fire series of books has been around for quite some time but never has its popularity been this prevalent. With the release of the Game Of Thrones TV show and the upcoming Game Of Thrones action RPG, now’s the best time to experience R. R. Martin’s amazing fantasy series. […]

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NCIS Game Gets Voices From The Show

If you’ve ever watched the NCIS TV show, you’ll might be aware of who the following two actors are: David McCallum (Dr. Donald Mallard) and Robert Wagner (Anthony DiNozzo Sr). A video game for NCIS was announced recently, and the above actors are voice acting in the game bringing the TV shows characters to your […]

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Full House Poker Review(XBLA)

Game Review: Full House Poker (XBLA) Release: March 16, 2011 Genre: Card and Board Games Developer: Microsoft Game Studios Available Platforms: Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7 Players: 1 (30 Online) MSRP: 800 MS Points ($10 US) ESRB Rating: T (Teen) – Simulated Gambling Website: Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade Take all the excitement of Texas Hold […]

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Electronic Game Show 2010

EGS (that’s Electronic Game Show) is one of the biggest video games events on Latin America and most certainly the biggest there is in Mexico. Over 35,000 people attended this year’s event and I have tried to get as much info as I could on this short article. To put it simple; EGS is somehow […]

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