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Double K.O. – Episode 53

We have a little chat about some games that we have not played, talk about some consoles that we have not seen, and discuss with vigour countries that we have not been to.*We have some relationship wisdom for gamers that will leave you breathless and e…

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Free To Antagonize

Developers, for the most part, have a healthy relationship with gamers. Aside from the Mass Effect or Tomb Raider controversy here and there, it’s mostly they make the games that we want to play, we buy them, they get feedback, and so on and so on. It’s functional and, at its core, the very essence […]

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Three Sega AM2 Fighting Games Coming To XBLA and PSN

According to the Sega blog. Three games from Sega’s AM2 team will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network next week. The three games are Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic the Fighters and Fighting Vipers. All three games will have full achievement and trophy support, alongside online multiplayer features. The games are dated as […]

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LEGO The Lord Of The Rings And Dead Island Riptide Dated

Yes, I’m fully aware that both of these games are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum but they both got release dates given today so I’m saving you the energy you put into clicking one more time. The first delightful game that has been given a release date is LEGO Lord Of The Rings […]

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