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The Unfinished Swan’s Unfinished Thought

Along with Journey from thatgamecompany, The Unfinished Swan is probably the most affecting game I’ve played this year. Hell, maybe ever. It joins a very small group of games that I could just write about forever and ever (the others include—among others you can probably guess—Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption, Deus Ex, and the aforementioned […]

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Sony’s Avian Pursuits: Three-Game Deal With The Unfinished Swan’s Giant Sparrow

If you can recall all the way back to the sepia-toned days of 2008, you might remember a game called The Unfinished Swan. It was super artistic, super indie, and super, well, unfinished. It was, however, also an extremely striking and memorable piece of unfinished technology, so much so that it was a 2009 Independent […]

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FyFYI Episode 135: Tea Induced Rage

  This week Giant Bomb sells out and neither of us really care but we kinda do, ┬áJames breaks down and gets Mass Effect 3, Pete bores James stiff about asynchronous multiplayer heaven on the Vita, Phil Harrison brings his focus on casual games to Microsoft, Pete absolutely rages about Sony Corporate, and then James […]

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