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Dungeons: The Dark Lord Releases Free PC Content For a Limited Time

RealFordge just released a free Halloween themed update to Dungeons – The Dark Lord that adds some great content to their successful dungeon strategy game. Dungeons immediately scratched an itch that hadn’t been touched since the old day’s of Bullfrog Entertainment’s Dungeon Keeper games. I’m happy to see that they’re still supporting Dungeons with upgrades […]

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Launching Lucha Libre’s

Wrestling fans have been stuck with mostly the straight forward WWE type games as of late. Smack Down Vs. Raw has dominated the wrestling game landscape for the last few years. Unfortunately other then new wrestlers the franchise was slowly getting stale and game play was becoming run of the mill. TNA brought us a […]

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CoD Online Possibilities

Call of Duty is a very popular franchise as of recently; the newly released Modern Warfare 2 is soaring in popularity. Whenever a new game comes out that does well it is fairly standard for a variety of rumors to emerge surrounding the future. One such rumor is that we will be getting a new […]

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