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Critical Strike 129: Coffeeborne

We didn’t really have much to talk about on this episode, not to mention one of us was very tired. But we squeaked out enough of a Bubo update and various other little arguments to get something out there! It’s better than nothing, right? Here is what we discussed on this episode: Bubo meets shaft, […]

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Highlights From Sony At E3 2014

Well, as good as Microsoft was on Monday morning, the general consensus seems to be that Sony somehow surpassed the Redmond efforts. Honestly, I’m inclined to agree. Not only did we get a far more varied selection of game demos thrown at us with Sony, there were more significant surprises, which is really what a […]

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Intentions And Results

Playing Watch Dogs or even seeing any bit of the onslaught of marketing behind the game invites a quick and easy comparison to Grand Theft Auto V. Even with nary a hint of video game savvy, the similarities are striking. Massive open worlds, stealing and driving cars, shooting dudes and cars alike, and acceptable digital […]

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A Tad Bit Stale

Open world games are tough. No, wait, hold on: open world games are tough to make. There we go. The thing about giving the player a huge sandbox to play in is that you have to be able to both give enough tools for them to find their own fun but also give them reason […]

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