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PAX Prime 2011: Vessel Impressions

Strangle Loop games has created a rather interesting downloadable title with their first release as a developer “Vessel”. I got some hands on time with it, and generally I was pleased with what I got to see and play. So, let’s dig right in. Here’s how Strangle Loop describes their rather quirky puzzle action title. […]

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Sci-Fi DoubleFeature #1 Review

Title: Sci-Fi DoubleFeature #1 Publisher: Four Star Studios Writers: Joshua Emmons (Radbots), Robbi Rodriguez (Kayross) Artists: Joe Song (Radbots), Robbi Rodriguez (Kayross) Colors: Nate Lovett (Radbots) Release: 06/15/11 Price: 99 cents! Website: DoubleFeature This month’s DoubleFeature comic is all about Sci-Fi. DoubleFeature comics all have two, eight page stories. In the last two DoubleFeature comics, […]

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