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Put It All Back In Gone Home

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that means the most. It’s a truth most often represented through clichés and parables, about the thought being what counts and David defeating Goliath. They’re all facets of the same gem, different faces to the singular Janus. The nuances change within this collection of rote notions (the devil, after all, […]

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The Gravity Of The Situation

Chris Plante of Polygon has in the lede of his Angry Birds Star Wars review this understated gem: “the Angry Birds games, in the most basic sense, are about gravity.” It’s a profound and subtle statement that kind of sneaks up on you with its succinct critical analysis. Whereas most people (rightfully) associate green-tinged pigs […]

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A Simple Question: Fall 2012 Game Release Showdown – Finals

8 games have entered.  2 remain.  After 2 round of matchups, we have our final pairing for you to vote on for the game you’re looking forward to most this fall.  For those just joining, here is how things played out thus far, going into the Semi-Finals: After a week of voting, your choice for […]

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