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A Lament For The Lost

Video games are moving towards their natural habitat. That is, they are becoming increasingly digital. They are, of course, already digital in the sense that all they really are is compiled code, bits of zeros and ones stamped onto a disc that exist to be read out and interpreted by a machine for your pleasure. […]

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SkinIt Customizable Skin Review

Without a doubt, SkinIt is one of the top providers of electronic customization accessories in business today. SkinIt is well-known for providing the absolute best in licensed skins that are tailor-made to fit items like iPads, cell phones, handheld gaming consoles, and even computer hardware like desktop systems, routers, and printers. These licensed skins can include […]

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PAX Prime 2011: Vessel Impressions

Strangle Loop games has created a rather interesting downloadable title with their first release as a developer “Vessel”. I got some hands on time with it, and generally I was pleased with what I got to see and play. So, let’s dig right in. Here’s how Strangle Loop describes their rather quirky puzzle action title. […]

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