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Mining For Mind Gold

You wouldn’t expect it, but smell is a contender for Most Important Sense. It is closely tied to memory; once your sense of smell goes, it’s likely that your ability to recall information deteriorates. You can develop dementia or Alzheimer’s or even mild depression. It’s not definite whether it goes from nose-to-brain or vice versa, […]

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The Hand-Tuned Machine

Heavy systems-based games are always interesting because they provide the most dynamic character and environment interactions. Games that rely on physics, for example, will always be a new experience because the gravity and friction systems will cause things to react differently upon each playthrough, something you’re likely to experience when you play something like Half-Life […]

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Arkane Studios Releases Brand New Dishonored Screenshots And Concept Art

I’m always glad to see companies that take the first-person viewpoint and choose to do more than make another military shooter.  With Dishonored, Arkane Studios is looking to create an immersive world that looks like an atmospheric cross between the Victorian age, BioShock’s Rapture aesthetic, and tech that looks a lot like the technology found in Half Life 2. Arkane […]

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