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Halo 2 And The 10-Year Itch

There has been a lot of Halo in the air. It’s a bit like a roaming, free-floating sensation of Christmas jollies surrounding you, but it’s far more explosion-y. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is on the verge of release (it’s happening tomorrow), including a fresh launch trailer for the sizable aggregation. The reviews have already […]

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Halo 4’s New Forge Features by Studio Certain Affinity

Halo 4’s Forge mode—the popular creation sandbox from Halo 3—is still a thing and coming back for the inaugural 343 Industries entry into the storied franchise. It’s being handled by Certain Affinity, an Austin-based studio that also popped out Waypoint and the Defiant map pack. Certain Affinity was founded by Max Hoberman, a former Bungie […]

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