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Persona 4 To Make The Vita Golden

Persona 4‘s a very popular game, if you haven’t heard. Spinning out of the title is Persona 4: The Animation and Persona 4 Arena, an anime and fighting game, respectively. Having been released in 2008 means the game’s a little outdated, but it’s popularity has remained. If you have a PlayStation Vita, though, you’re in […]

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Two New Worlds Revealed For Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

No, Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn’t been announced. But, hey, we have yet another handheld version of the Final Fantasy cross Disney hybrid action RPG series coming sometime next year, this time to the Nintendo 3DS. And, according to a Japanese gaming publication called Jump, you’ll be battling heartless across a Pinocchio themed world called Pranksters’ Paradise, and […]

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Street Fighter IV Released On iPhone

So Street Fighter IV has finally launched on the iPhone. This title was announced for the iPhone at a Capcom Fight Club event and many fans where excited and anticipating this title and how it would play out on the iPhone.  Well now those fans can finally try it out for themselves. It is being […]

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