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Rumor: Microsoft Continues Its Campaign On Increasing Online Fees

Since the inception of the PlayStation Network, gamers have been questioning as to whether Microsoft’s stance on their subscriber-based online services would change, making them available for all audiences for free. If this report isn’t enough to reveal what their business plan is, then I don’t know what is. According to Praveen Rutnam’s (Microsoft Corporation: Group Product […]

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E3 Will Have Video Games, Right?

We are a few days away from E3, and just like every other year, the rumor mill is in full production.  Microsoft is going to “change home entertainment forever.”   Both Sony and Microsoft are going to reveal motion sensing for their consoles (apparently they have not heard of this new machine called the Wii).  Nintendo […]

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Trivial Pursuit Game: Coming Soon

Quick! Bring your family round your console and put the Trivial Pursuit game into the disc tray. Or not. EA Hasbro have had the ingenious idea of bringing out a Trivial Pursuit video game for the Wii, PS3, PS2 and the 360. But the next gen console versions will cost $40 and the PS2 version […]

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