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New Scarlet Spider

Some of you might know the original Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly, from Spider-man’s clone saga. If not, it doesn’t matter as it looks like there will be a new person dawning the Scarlet Spider mantel next year. Because of (the fantastic) events of Spider Island, the new Scarlet Spider has to get the heck out […]

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Raptr As Popular As WoW

For those who have no idea what Raptr is, it’s the leading social networking site specifically designed for Gamers. It offers the ability to talk with your fellow gamers and friends via  AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk and of course, Xfire. This means that gamers can take part in cross platform small talk and see what everyone […]

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Crazy Vietnam Skills Video

Holy Shnikes! I just watched “Duke of the Battlefield”, a youtube video that was just posted on Facebook by EA’s Gun Club Facebook account (the actual video was posted on youtube 4 days ago). The video was made by C1intBeastwood and It showcases some insanely crazy skills of BFBC2 Vietnam gameplay with a nice […]

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