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The Unwavering Heroes Reborn

The most remarkable thing about Heroes Reborn isn’t that it exists—that is fairly noteworthy on its own, though—but that it feels exactly the same as its 2006 predecessor. Since its 2010 crumbling after a baffling fourth season, you would think that creator and showrunner Tim Kring would be hellbent on changing as much as possible. […]

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Rogue Legacy Review

I’ve never experienced quite an equivocal exchange of commitment. From every front, I’m required to put in and stick with as much as I’m getting back, whether I want it or not. Rogue Legacy is such an immensely refreshing change from games that are fine with the occasional half-assedness from you. Instead, it adheres to […]

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The New Antihero

Pop culture goes through cycles. It’s called the zeitgeist for a reason; nothing remains the same forever. Tastes and conventions and cultural influences change on an almost regular basis. Fads come and go in fashion, children’s toys, and, somewhat surprisingly, narratives. The stories that people tell are very much informed by the world they live […]

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Not So Born For This

Heroes generally fall into two categories: Marvel and DC. Just kidding, this isn’t that kind of article. I’m more talking about how heroes are usually portrayed as either a destined savior or just an everyman that happens to succeed (in the face of insurmountable odds and multiple real and/or pseudo deaths, but we’ll address that […]

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