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Conduit 2 Review

Game Review: Conduit 2 Release: April 19, 2011 Genre: First Person Shooter Developer: High Voltage Software / Sega Available Platforms: Wii Players: 1-4 Split Screen / 2-12 Online MSRP: $49.95 US ESRB Rating: T for Teen Website: First person shooters and the Wii are strange, and infrequent bed-fellows – and when this formula has […]

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The Conduit For The Wii

The Conduit for the Wii is a futuristic FPS and I think this game will give Wii owners a new look on their overlooked gaming console.  The Conduit is developed by High Voltage Software and published by Sega and places you in Michael Ford’s shoes as a new agent with the Trust and he sets […]

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WiiWare/Virtual Console Update For Jan 19

Coming to us this week through Nintendo’s WiiWare releases we have: High Voltage Hot Rod Show (High Voltage Software, Inc., 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): High Voltage Hot Rod Show is a slick and fast-paced racer that challenges up to four players to tear up the track on a variety of […]

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Conduit Devs See Success on Wii

Despite third party titles not selling extremely well, especially those that feature guns and violence, save for a few titles, High Voltage Software seems to have great hope for their new shooter, The Conduit.
When asked by MTV’s Multiplayer Blog as to why there are not more “hardcore” third party titles on the Wii, High Voltage […]

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Wii Ware Monday: Gyrostarr Now Available

by Kelly Brown

The arcade shooter, Gyrostarr is now available on the Nintendo Wii via Wii Ware.  Gyrostarr can be played by up to 4 players and each player have their own ship to pilot.  The ship will be moving around tracks that are twisting and turning while fighting different aliens.  Not only do players […]

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