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Criterion Releases Series Of Surreal Videos Featuring Hasselhoff

Criterion has released their final video in their series of promotional videos for Burnout: CRASH! featuring David Hasselhoff as “The Master of Disaster.”  I’d say it was a shock to see Hasselhoff featured in a set of goofy video game promo videos, but to be honest nothing really surprises me these day’s when it comes to […]

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Show Summary:
Join us as we release our impressions of two weeks worth of gaming and media consumption. We follow up that helpful information with a discussion of the best places on the internet to waste time.

Around the Pool Table:
– Played Batman: Arkham Asylum
– Watched Supernatural: Season 4
– Got some more LittleBigPlanet and WipEout HD […]

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Main Topic: Sonic and Princess Peach square off in an epic presidential debate through their respective tools: Matt and Jonathan.  Wayne tests the the other guys TV knowledge with some theme song trivia from the past.
Check out the full show notes by clicking the link below.

Around the Pool Table:
– Maxed out his Puzzle Quest XP.
– […]

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