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Kinect Sports and Dance Central Become Million Sellers

Two of the most important and critically acclaimed titles during Kinect’s launch past November have surpassed the million units sold in the US, according to Microsoft’s Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business Aaron Greenberg. Both titles were highly regarded by the critics, praising the accurate and precise body recognition and addictive gameplay mechanics. Dance […]

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Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question”: Coal In The Stocking

We all know what we’re getting that gamer we love, be it a friend, spouse, significant other, or yourself for the holidays.  There’s list upon list out there of the top holiday games, accessories, systems and more.  What there ISN’T, and what we’re interested in this week, is what to get that gamer in your […]

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Games For The Holidays Trailer

A couple of weeks ago our very own Andrew Hunt told you about Games for the Holidays and when they will be available.  I am not here to tell you about them again, but this time we have added a trailer for your viewing pleasure.  Games for the Holidays has a great line-up and they […]

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