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Uncharted Thropies in August!

***Update**** The patch has been released today Monday August 4th 2008. Time to get the game and earn my first set of achievements hahahaha got you, I meant trophies! After Cancun though.
According to the developers of  Uncharted “Naughty Dog” August 22nd is the day the game gets an update to support trophies. Slowly but surely […]

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Fat Princess GamePlay (PS3)

When I first stepped in to the Sony press room, I was hoping to quickly get my hands on some Resistance 2 or Killzone 2, but unfortunately those were hot games, that had lines of people ready to play. Instead our beautiful Sony host Jill, walked us in to a game that was sure to […]

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Life Outside GTA IV

What’s up gamers, it’s X3R0 9 here giving you a quick low down of what’s been going on at the XBLRadio camp. No worries, nothing bad is going on, we just had to take a week off to take care of some personal things, recover from illnesses, and play some hot games that just came […]

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