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Sam & Max Season Two Review (PC)

Game Review: Sam & Max Season Two Release: August 2008 (U.S. Only) Genre: Point-and-click Adventure Developer: Telltale Games Available Platforms: PC Players: 1 MSRP: $34.95 ESRB Rating: T Website:   Sam & Max Season Two is a compilation of episodic games based on the highly popular Sam & Max comic series created by Steve Purcell. It follows the adventures of private detective Sam […]

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PopCap Unleashes Bejeweled Twist

I went to the PopCap Bejeweled Twist event today and I just want to give you guys some heads up about the new game that PopCap unveiled to the world today. Also you can expect some more coverage of this very soon over the next day or so. I’ll show you guys more pictures as […]

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