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The Odd Reactions To The Wii U

In the past two days, there have been just as many press conferences for the Wii U from Nintendo. First was the one in Japan that gave us additional insight into the upcoming console. For instance, we learned that it would come in two colors (black and white) and that the GamePads would be hella […]

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Sony Buys Steve Jobs Biography Film Rights

Last week Apple figurehead and C.E.O sadly died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Before he died Jobs had given several interviews to the former Time Magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson for an authorised biography. Isaacson conducted over 40 interviews in total with Steve Jobs and more with  friends, family and competitors to gain an insight into […]

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Raptr As Popular As WoW

For those who have no idea what Raptr is, it’s the leading social networking site specifically designed for Gamers. It offers the ability to talk with your fellow gamers and friends via  AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk and of course, Xfire. This means that gamers can take part in cross platform small talk and see what everyone […]

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Rage: Behind The Scenes – The Wasteland

The good folks at id Software have released the fourth installment of their behind-the-scenes feature, giving us more spectacular insight into what happens during the development of a mega-huge video game like RAGE.  Each part of this six part series sheds light on a different aspect of creating an entire gaming world. “The Wasteland is  part […]

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