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That Monsters Game Review

There’s a certain frivolity psychologically and perhaps unfairly attributed to mobile games. The App Store and the Play Store are riddled with games that survive purely on their inconsequential mirth, the same haphazard quality that would make them a hard sell on traditional handhelds and consoles. They’re the sort of thing you would expect to […]

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UFC Undisputed 3 Review (Xbox 360)

Game Review: UFC Undisputed 3 Release: February 14, 2012 Genre: MMA Fighting Game Developer: THQ/Yukes Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Players: 1-2 MSRP: $59.99 ESRB Rating: T for Teen Website: UFC Undisputed 3 Official Site Reviewing UFC Undisputed 3 was an experience in itself that had me dodging the many random negative comments made by my girlfriend as I played. In some aspects, […]

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Backbreaker Vengeance Tackles XBLA

Backbreaker Vengeance has finally been released on XBLA. If you aren’t aware of this arcade game here is a short description: Backbreaker Vengeance takes the intensity and AAA appeal of the original Backbreaker Football and combines it with the pick-up-and-play nature of the million-selling mobile games to create a whole new one-of-a-kind sports experience Xbox […]

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