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Apple Patents Gaming Accessories

With the announcement of some big title games on the iPad comes the news of some much needed Apple accessories. Apple has filed a patent for a series of products that will benefit mainly gamers, including a case that can hold your portable device complete with d-pad/joystick and buttons. Another development worth mentioning is the […]

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Play Old School Atari Games

Looking for something to do on your PC to pass a little time away, and are you into Old School games?  Well here’s a site for you to checkout!  The Atari arcade will allow to play some of you favorite Atari 2600 games right on your PC for free.  Not many games are available, but […]

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Gamer Pride

Ask any average Joe without a joystick about “gamers” and more than likely he’ll describe a teenager or young adult simply locked in their rooms fiddling around with buttons to virtually kill people with. Should we be afraid of this stereotypical image we receive? What with the media and every lawyer from Jack to Thompson […]

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