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Blood Gulch Is Back!

July 7th of every year is observed by the Halo faithful as Bungie Day. Each year Bungie treats its fans to something special on 7/7 and today was no different. In the Rooster Teeth video below, you will see Sarge and the gang return to their home in the multiplayer map of Blood Gulch. Not […]

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Unreal Tournament 3 Review

Game Review: Unreal Tournament 3 Release Date: July 7th, 2008 Genre: First Person Shooter Developer: Epic Games Platform: XBOX 360 (for this review) Price: $59.99 (XBOX 360) Players: 1, co-op 2, system link 2-16, online co-op 2, online multiplayer 2-16 Website: Epic Games has returned with another installment of Unreal Tournament, going back to […]

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