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Kinect’s Killer App isn’t for Gamers; It’s for Advertisers. Welcome to the Age of NUad.

“NUads marks the beginning of a new era for TV advertising. It delivers the one thing traditional TV advertising is missing — engagement. We developed NUads to breathe new life into the standard 30-second spot. With NUads, brands can get real-time feedback from audiences, making TV advertising actionable for the first time.”  – Ross Honey, general […]

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The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 13

A trio of nerds escape the office, go to lunch, and talk about their various geekdoms (primarily video games) over a chorus of annoying ambient noise.
Episode 13: Rednexican (33:00)
Featuring Sooch’s $850 piece of ass, returning to Halo 2 (?!), yet more Playstation Home and Little Big Planet banter, God of War 2, the PS3’s Blu-Ray […]

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