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Amazon Goes Golden All Day 4/24

Amazon looks to be making it a week of good deals for gamers. Following Tuesday’s temporary price drop on used Vitas to a record-setting $162.50, gamers will be treated to a day of deals. Dedicating the Gold Box Deal of the Day to video games, Amazon will (likely) feature one deal all day, with other deals […]

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Nintendo Prepped For Announcement

Wednesday February 22 at 6AM PST/ 9AM EST Nintendo is set to make some sort of announcement. Tuesday evening, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie sent out a note via Nintendo’s asynchronous messaging system SwapNote. In it he expressed his expressed his excitement about “sharing some news on Feb 22”. The note went on to say when […]

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A Simple Question: Collector’s Edition Games

Call it what you want, Players Edition, Collector’s Edition, Hardened Edition: some big profile games get the special treatment, with special packaging, bonus materials, and a higher price tag.  You can check this list to see if your favorite game was a collector’s edition at one point. With some upcoming AAA titles featuring some rather […]

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