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Critical Music 22: Close your eyes

Continuing the rotation of guest hosts on Critical Music brings another one I was truly excited for! On this episode we’re graced by good friend from The Gamesmen, jsslifelike who brings a nice mix of emotional tracks he’s come to love in the time he’s placed video games. One thing about this episode is, I […]

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Games We Need To Play In HD

We all are, at some extent, graphic whores. We expect our favorite games to be just fun, to have engaging and innovative gameplay, but oh how we like when they look good. You see, graphics enhance the experience in huge levels. Just imagine GTA4 without a breathing, living, and beautiful place to kill, drive and […]

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The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 7

A trio of nerds escape the office, go to lunch, and talk about their various geekdoms (primarily video games) over a chorus of annoying ambient noise.
Episode 7: El S.O.S. Mexicano (49:16)
Featuring post-launch next-gen console impressions, PS3 resolution confusion, Wii resolution disillusion, and a shameless gushing fanboy ode to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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