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Last Days Of The Laika Believes Kickstarter

I spent an hour reading about the history of Sputnik 2 after watching a video tour of Richard “Lord British” Garriott’s new home in Manhattan. It turns out that he has one of the two remaining unlaunched Sputnik 2s (the other is on the desk of its creator) along with an original Sputnik 1 hanging […]

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The Power Of Protest – Petitions In Gaming

Internet protest is a powerful tool. Its power even stands testament in the modern gaming industry. The recent controversy behind Mass Effect 3’s ending and the subsequent protests to change the ending of the game have prompted me to look at the effectiveness of petitioning in the gaming industry. Can gamers really get what they want […]

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Demon’s Souls Spiritual Successor Details Arise

Japanese Developers From Software announced in late 2010, the spiritual successor to their critically acclaimed title Demon’s Souls was in the works, with Project Dark as its codename. Recently, a series of juicy details have surfaced, courtesy of japanese popular magazine Famitsu (as well as IGN for the proper localization). First, the official title for […]

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The Fight Over DLC In Fighting Games

Downloadable content in fighting games has historically been a superfluous service, generally restricted to cosmetic changes like additional character costumes or colors.  That’s why, when Arc System Works announced they were going to release meaningful DLC to increase the lifespan of their latest fighter (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift), I was pretty excited.  However, not all is […]

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