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Amazing Maple Story Death

This is kind of difficult to describe. I played Maple Story once, and didn’t like it that much, therefore I didn’t know you could get married within the game. Apparently divorces are possible along with marriage. Now that is out of the way, here is the main part of the story. A 33 year old […]

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XBLRadio Review – “Mega Man 9” (XBLA)

Capcom’s Blue Bomber made his triumphant return the same exact way he kicked off his career on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, in classic 2D. This was a daring move in Capcom’s part, but after playing Mega Man 9, the nostalgia came back and I felt like I was seven again. This new iteration […]

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Microsoft Announces Portal: Still Alive for XBLA and much more

by Chris Brown

In the above video just released by the Gamerscoreblog team announced a few tidbits of what will be revealed at this morning’s Microsoft press conference.  Chris Paladino ran down a list that included:
+ Co-op details will be unveiled for Fable 2 by Peter Molyneux.
+ Cliff Bleszinski from Epic will reveal a 5 […]

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