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Sonic The Hedgehog Comic Spins Off Without Archie, SEGA’s Approval

Sonic the Hedgehog is the longest running comic book based off a video game franchise, with the series hitting issue #230 last week. Currently helmed by Ian Flynn (the same writer behind the recently-launched Mega Man series), the ongoing tale has had numerous spin-offs. Knuckles the Echidna headlined his own book for a few years, […]

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Pac-Man 3D To Wakka-Wakka To TV In 2013

Looks like Pac-Man’s getting an extra life as a TV series. Nestled in the heart of an article announcing various things is an announcement of a new Pac-Man series. While the article came to light for the confirmation of a Power Rangers RPM/Power Rangers Samurai crossover, a small paragraph reveals details. 41 Entertainment¬†(41e) is appointed […]

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