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SXSW Gaming 2014: A Change In The Wind

Not much has changed since last year. There’s still the massive GEEK stage near the entrance, tented for an unintended air of mystique. There’s still an inexplicable collection of people congregating around the corner where an inscrutable collection of Lego bricks exists. There’s still a bar where of-age adults buy overpriced beers and forget their […]

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An Age Of Import

You never forget your first. Your first time behind the wheel after you get your license, your first broken bone, your first kiss. Major life events are often noteworthy because they happen once or twice over your entire time on this planet, but even the repeated ones get remembered because they have a genesis; an […]

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Satoru Iwata Hints At DLC For Mario 3DS Games

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently hinted (see quote below) at the possibility for downloadable stages for games such as Super Mario 3D Land, and possibly upcoming Mario 3DS titles, as well. Despite the words “downloadable content” and “Nintendo” sounding totally weird next to one another, it does seem like a really obvious move. The only […]

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