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A Simple Question: Release Day Bugs

It seems that Xbox 360 owners of Battlefield 3 may have been having their fair share of issues.  Between server connection problems, complaints of poor textures (even with the Texture pack installed), and reported campaign freezing, this game may be suffering from some “rush to market” issues in an attempt to get a jump on […]

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The Death Of Used Games

Anyone familiar with gaming is familiar with the methods of acquiring games today, but to get people up to speed on how it used to be done, indulge me a moment.  It’s 2 decades ago; you enter a game store and scan aisle after aisle of empty game boxes trying to determine whether a certain […]

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A Different Take on Gaming News: The First-Person Observer

If you’re one of those people who have a better knowledge of current affairs in the gaming world than those in real life, check out The First-Person Observer: ‘dedicated to providing you with non-stop, around-the-clock coverage of breaking news from inside the games you play and love.’ The site is heavily indebted to the fantastic Onion […]

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