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Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack – Available on 25th February

It’s here! 2 new maps,6 new skins, 12 additional trophies. That opening line should be music to many gamers ears as you can now buy the Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack from the PSN store for $5.99.  If you really want to you can purchase the skins ($2.99)  separately but you will not unlock the new […]

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Dante’s Inferno Reviewed, in so Many Words

You could write off Dante’s Inferno as nothing more than an opportunistic God of War hijacking. But you’d be overlooking its genius. Because in the midst of eight hours of abject concept theft, lol-tastic story sequences, and thumb-numbing scythe mashing, Visceral Games does manage to come up with one original, thought-provoking idea: the Devil has […]

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Pac-Man Comeback

Namco Chief Makoto Iwai has revealed that Namco is in the midst of making a Pac-Man comeback because Pac-Man is turning 30 in 2010.  Not many details have been revealed as of yet except that Hirokazu Yasuhara is said to be heading up the project that is set to debut sometime in 2010. I can’t […]

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