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Making The Tough Decisions

Recently I have had one hell of a cold. It has been nagging me for weeks. However that wasn’t the biggest problem that has been plaguing me. As we as gamers all know, Fall is the best and worst time to be a gamer. Game releases come fast and furious. It’s hard to not only […]

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Candy Pink DualShock 3 Review

Say hello to the Candy Pink DualShock 3 wireless controller Sony’s newest controller to be added to the line up. Featuring comfortable grip meant for hours of gameplay also has support for motion and vibration. Players can find delight in knowing the with Bluetooth up to 7 friends can all game wireless no more nests […]

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Western Wind Review

Game Review: Western Wind Release: 9/1/09 Genre: Music Developer: Rock Ridge Games Available Platforms: iPhone/iPod touch Players: 1 MSRP: Free (limited time) .99 cents (normal) ESRB Rating: N/A Website: Rock Ridge Games 6 cowboys plus one case of beans, a musical group of cowboys with no instruments to play. Black Bart and his Tumbling Tumbleweeds […]

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Lounging Around

Your favorite game is loading into your system of choice the snacks and soda are by your side. Now to grab your favorite spot but that old chair has finally had enough it is no longer comfortable. Next option is your couch but it is currently being occupied by your wife, dogĀ , best friend or […]

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