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Hands-On With LocoCycle

Jay Stuckwisch, marketing director over at Twisted Pixel Games, gets serious for a moment, looks me right in the eye, and says, “We’re not talking about that right now.” Of course, that doesn’t last. He is, after all, here at E3 promoting LocoCycle, a video game about a talking motorcycle with an unlucky fellow named […]

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PAX Prime 2012 Impressions – Kojima And Wii U

PAX Prime 2012, Seattle’s yearly gaming convention, wrapped up on Sunday. By now, most of you have heard the details and seen the 15-minutes of footage from Hideo Kojima’s new Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. But PAX also offers plenty of demos on the showroom floor, and I got a chance to try a few of them. […]

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Approved: Jetpack Joyride

Welcome to Approved. This article will not only feature a review for the week’s biggest iOS game, but also update you on any other notable apps and updates that you should be downloading. The lucky game is Jetpack Joyride, a multiplatform app on iPhone/iPod and iPad. In Jetpack Joyride you play as Barry, who breaks into secret laboratories […]

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Frobot Review (PC)

Game Review: Frobot (PC) Release: January 13, 2011 Genre: Retro Action & Puzzle Developer: Fugazo Available Platforms: PC, Wii (and Mac Later) Players: 1 MSRP: $9.99 (US) ESRB Rating: E 10+ (Mild Fantasy Violence and Mild Suggestive Themes) Website: Take Johnny-5 from Short Circuit and blend with equal parts Huggie Bear from Barretta, Shaft […]

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