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Sony Files Patent For User-Driven Three-Dimensional Interactive Gaming Environment

Did you like the Wii Motion controls? Did you like how Sony came up with their own 100% unique motion control system? Well this article is for you. Sony filed a patent in late 2011 for a User-driven three-dimensional interactive gaming environment. In plain english the patent is for a camera that plugs into a device that can then […]

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Platform Nation’s Holiday Guide – Best Accessories And Hardware Of The Year

Welcome to the 2011 Platform Nation Holiday Buyers Guide! This section will show you our top picks for hardware and gaming accessories!  Controllers and Accessories KontrolFreeks  – PS3 and Xbox 360 Controller Add-on – $10-15 Every gamer wants to win, its just a fact; and whether or not you’re endowed with virtual ass-kicking skills, you […]

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A Simple Question: The Best Current Gen Console

As the current crop of consoles move through the second half of their considerably long life cycle (for gaming consoles, anyway), we as gamers now have a good understanding of what each system is capable of.  Forget about Red Rings, flying WiiMotes, and ridiculous PS3 pricing (and no trophies!); just about everything that plagued these […]

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