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What Video Games Do

I wake up each day knowing that a certain portion of my time will go to just reading. Well, that may not be accurate. Consuming is more like it as sometimes it’s a video or a song or an infographic, but the point is that doing so is pretty much a guarantee. Each day, my […]

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Platform Nation’s Top 10 Games Of The Year

Here it is, the Platform Nation staff have come together and voted what we consider to be the Top 10 games of 2011. We have some really great games on the list and some surprises too! So let’s begin with number 10! 10. Dungeon Siege 3 You might be surprised to find Dungeon Siege 3 […]

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Indie Platformer EDGE Coming to PC

Mobigames made a big splash onto the iPhone App Store last year when they released their platformer EDGE. The game takes place in a isometric world of geometry and puts you in control of a cube that can roll and crawl the landscape. As you roll along you navigate puzzles and collect coloredĀ prismsĀ and get to […]

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