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Explore The World Of The Ace Attorney’s Antagonist

Japan is known for some crazy sights. They’ve got life-size Gundams, for starters. They do temporary museums dedicated to spandexed superheroes. Now, according to andriasang, they’ve got an attraction devoted to Phoenix Wright. Well, Phoenix Wright’s opponent, Miles Edgeworth. Sega’s going to dedicate some space at their Joypolis theme park to Ace Attorney Investigations. In […]

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Nintendo DS In Classrooms

Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo, the company that started its humble beginnings selling playing cards in the late 1800’s, told the AP that his ambitions are leaning towards education. “That is maybe the area where I am devoting myself most” Nintendo’s latest effort to broaden their audience is a goal to utilize Nintendo DS systems as […]

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Smithsonian Will Feature “The Art Of Video Games” In 2012

The Smithsonian Institution is a vast educational research and museum complex funded by the United States government. Most of it’s facilities are located in Washington D.C., but it’s 19 museums, zoo, and nine research centers are in New York City, Virginia, Panama and elsewhere. My main focus though is going to be on the Smithsonian […]

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There’s a startling new change in the video-game world, one which could push us into new directions of unimaginable accuracy and immersion. It’s a change that is happening in nearly every title you have in your collection, whether it be an entire work of fiction or a work of brutish, adolescent satisfaction. It’s a new […]

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