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Xbox One Requires Day One Update

It’s November. You have just come home from your local video game retailer with a shiny new Xbox One in your hand. You excitedly but carefully peel open the sides of the cardboard box and slowly pull out your next generation console. After three hours of completely rearranging your media center, with wires coming out of every crevasse, you finally […]

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PlayStation 4 And The Necessary Hardware Divide

It’s been over a week since the PlayStation 4 announcement/event/meeting/whatever Sony is calling it nowadays, and there’s been a lot of interesting fallout. Tech industry folk were disappointed that they didn’t get to see the actual console, game industry folk were excited at the proposition of new games, and developers loved the thought of an […]

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Steam Greenlight Launched

Valve have launched a new service called Steam Greenlight, this service uses the power of the community to choose which games are worthy of becoming some of the new games to release on the main Steam service. Steam Greenlight gives developers the ability to post information about the game and gives the public the option […]

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