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Fall 2012 Game Release Schedule Shaping Up

Fall 2012 is setting up to be a big release window for gaming – many major titles already have release dates. Fall is usually a big time for video games, especially last year which boasted Skyrim, Skyward Sword, and many more (which you already played… right?). This year’s line up is already shaping up nicely, even without […]

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Grand Theft Auto Blamed For London Riots

As I write this, I can already feel the collective community roll their eyes at such absurdity, however it is making news today, and therefore I must write about it. A London Police Constable was quoted in the Evening Standard as saying; “When I was young it was all Pac-Man and board games. Now they’re playing […]

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A Simple Question: Gaming News Sources

Information travels pretty fast now-a-days.  Gone is the need to rely solely on monthly periodicals, weekly newsletters, or even daily updates.  With the prevalence of 24 hour news sites and social media, getting the latest scoop on your favorite game is as simple as bringing up your favorite website (Like, for instance, Platform Nation), or […]

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April Filled With Fools

When April Fool’s rolls around gamers need to tread lightly and take everything they read with a grain of salt. News sites and companies alike have been known to play tricks on the unsuspecting victim. Stories range from convincing articles with facts and graphics and quotes to back up the believable piece but one word […]

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