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Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question”: Sex And Violence

Today’s question is as old as gaming itself.  As a civilized society, it’s important to ensure our children are protected from more mature concepts until they’re ready.  Game ratings have been developed to help parents in deciding what material is appropriate for their child (whether the parent actually leverages this information is another question entirely). […]

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Remembering The Fallen Apogee Games/3D Realms (Part 2)

Hello everyone.  Today is Sunday, which means another week of Remembering the Fallen. If you didn’t catch us last week, we reviewed how Apogee Games became so popular, and the origins of the 3D Realms name. Apogee really started to come into its own when it published Wolfenstein 3D for iD Software.  Before, all the […]

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Content Ratings Examined

On Christmas day, about 20-30 family members flooded my parents’ house to celebrate the holiday. And while we had a good time eating and waging war upon the ping-pong table, I also came to think about a topic related to video games. While my cousin and I, 17 and 18 years old, where upstairs taking […]

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