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Trading In Mystery

If you’re at all familiar with the 90s, then you probably know enough about The X-Files to get what I mean when I say I want to believe. It was the copy on a poster hung in FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder’s office that simply showed a funny little flying saucer hovering over some trees […]

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The Secret E3

There’s another E3 that no one talks about. No one talks about it because the people involved don’t want to be noticed and the people that aren’t involved don’t know any better. It exists merely as a vestige to days long gone and a purpose long forgotten. It is, indeed, a Secret E3. History, as […]

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Symphony Of The Goddesses – Legend Of Zelda Concert Reflections

Symphony of the Goddesses, the Legend of Zelda orchestral concert tour, just passed through Seattle. For any fan of The Legend of Zelda, it was quite a show, bringing new life to music we’ve been hearing for the last 25 years of gaming. Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, and other Zelda games were all represented with their […]

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