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The New Antihero

Pop culture goes through cycles. It’s called the zeitgeist for a reason; nothing remains the same forever. Tastes and conventions and cultural influences change on an almost regular basis. Fads come and go in fashion, children’s toys, and, somewhat surprisingly, narratives. The stories that people tell are very much informed by the world they live […]

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Raptr As Popular As WoW

For those who have no idea what Raptr is, it’s the leading social networking site specifically designed for Gamers. It offers the ability to talk with your fellow gamers and friends via  AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk and of course, Xfire. This means that gamers can take part in cross platform small talk and see what everyone […]

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One Million Microsoft Points Up For Grabs – Sort Of

It’s official, games for Windows has now joined the ranks of with Games for Windows Marketplace. In celebration (to promote) the change, Microsoft are giving away 1,000,000 Microsoft points.   Rather than give all 1,000,000 Microsoft Points to just one gamer, Microsoft have split the prize up into 2500 individual prizes of 400 Microsoft […]

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