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What’s To A Remake

I’m of the mind that new things can’t ruin old things; they can only taint the future. Taken as a whole, yes, the second Star Wars trilogy kind of sours the entire universe that those stories are set in, but they definitely don’t diminish the experiences I had watching and rewatching Episodes IV through VI. […]

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Episode 205: A Bushel of Bums

Get ready for a pack of rumbles! This week, Kaz takes you on an audio tour of PAX Prime 2011. Tune in for impressions on Skulls of the Shogun, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Rayman Origins, Warp, League of Legends‘ Dominion mode, Trials Evolution and so much more. Afterwards, Tom falls for The Sims…

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Platinum Games Expresses Interest In Developing DMC

It’s no surprise that fans of the Devil May Cry franchise have been anything but happy at the direction that developer Ninja Theory is taking the latest game in the franchise. Called DMC, the game has since been called a reboot and is reportedly an origin story for Dante. While publisher Capcom expected fan reaction […]

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