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A Little Touch In The Last Of Us

Orson Welles can be a pretty depressing dude, and The Last of Us can be a pretty depressing game. There’s a quote, actually, from Welles that puts both in a succinct little package of words: “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion […]

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Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark Poster

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Review (Movie)

We’ve all heard those late night sounds and bumps in the night that have kept us up throughout our childhoods. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark preys on those memories and shapes them into new-found nightmares. The movie is immediately teeming with the childhood dreads and paranoia we’ve all dealt with throughout our lifetimes. It takes those […]

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League of Legends: Lee Sin The Blind Monk Character Spotlight

Riot Games, the developer behind the Warcraft III DoTA inspired League of Legends just released new content regarding their latest character, Lee Sin, who is a blind monk. Lee Sin seems like a pretty unique character, as his blindness literally blurs the player’s screen and makes him immune to blinding spells such as Timo’s blinding […]

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