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Pinball FX2 Comes to Steam

Yes, the headline is true. One of the greatest pinball games of all time is now available on Steam! After hitting Windows 8 in 2012, Pinball FX2 is now available for all PC users. The base game is a free download available now; and all the table packs are 10% off for the first week, […]

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Catwoman Tied To Batman: Arkham City Online Pass

All new copies of the upcoming Batman: Arkham City will feature an online pass that enables players to try out the bonus content featuring Catwoman. It’s been confirmed by Warner Bros. to Eurogamer that Selina Kyle’s alter-ego is available for new copies while everyone else who bought a used copy will have to pay an […]

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Portal For Free

The headline is right and there is no catch! Just head over to Steam right now and download Portal for FREE. We have seen this offer once before and this deal wont be around for long (ends September 20th) so click on the link above and start downloading. Just a quick note this one is […]

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