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Design a Geek T-Shirt Competition

For this week’s competition , which will actually run for a fortnight until episode 136 Digital Cowboys has teamed up with Casually Hardcore These guys sell geek-friendly clothing, perfect for our listeners. They operate out of the USA, but ship very reasonably worldwide. To be in with the chance to win a $40 gift voucher […]

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Forza 3 Debuting at E3

With E3 coming up in just over a month, rumor and speculation has really started to ramp up regarding both hardware and software unveilings that are planned for the event. Among the most recent is Microsoft’s long-rumored Forza Motorsport 3.  At a recent event for the Xbox fan community in Brazil, Microsoft teased a partial […]

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Horse Armor Still Selling?

When you hear the phrase “The most unnecessary, costly DLC on the market”, you would probably think of Oblivion’s Horse Armor and I would have to agree, but if I told you it still proves to be one of Oblivion’s Top Ten Downloads you would probably not believe it.  Well believe fellow gamers, in a […]

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GameHounds Episode 9: Pimps and Hos

Can you believe it? Two GameHounds Podcasts in one week?!?! What are you going to do with yourself?

I have an idea! How about curl up with a bowl of popcorn (or a six pack, your call) and have a listen to Edie and Hawkes’ take on the week’s gaming-industry news.

What news? How about this news:

All this and more is just a mouseclick away. And, by the way, the embedded Flash Player on this post now works properly.

Don’t forget to give us your feedback in comments on this post or, ever better, at the GameHounds forums at

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OzBoxLive Radio #013 – A Brand New Month

In this episode of OzBoxLive Radio…
– News and Announcements with Kane
– Review – Fight Night Round 3
– Interview – I HDT I Sturty
– Tip of the Week – Transferring Data

– Group Discussion – Xbox Handheld

– Competition – Tell us in 25 Words or less…
What would you name an Xbox Handheld and why?
Send your […]

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