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Puppeteer Review: Whimsy On A String

What makes children’s folklore have real sticking power is a fine blend of whimsy and an unexpected darkness. “Jack and the Beanstalk,” for example, features beans that grow a humongous beanstalk into the sky where a hidden floating castle awaits (whimsy) only to find that a giant lives there, one who wants to grind human […]

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Hands-on With Contrast: Funny Lighting

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t finish the new PAX demo for Contrast. I tried my damnedest, but I ran out of time, my 30-minute demo butting up against other appointments where Compulsion Games had their one private station set up behind a banner and some “please no one come back here” hopefulness. It’s mostly […]

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Rogue Legacy Review

I’ve never experienced quite an equivocal exchange of commitment. From every front, I’m required to put in and stick with as much as I’m getting back, whether I want it or not. Rogue Legacy is such an immensely refreshing change from games that are fine with the occasional half-assedness from you. Instead, it adheres to […]

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Secondary Actions Of Miasmata

Maybe it’s something you never thought about, but it’s something that definitely affects you. Every time you pick up a controller or sit down at your computer’s keyboard and mouse, these decisions affect the way you think about, perceive, and, perhaps most importantly, interact with a game. It’s the interaction design, the way you take […]

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